running pony brand used by the U.S. Submit place of business division earlier than the production of the USPS

in the early years of the North American colonies, many attempts had been made to provoke a postal carrier. These early makes an attempt have been of small scale and mostly worried a colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony for illustration, developing a location in Boston the place one could submit a letter back residence to England. Other makes an attempt all for a dedicated postal service between two of the larger colonies, corresponding to Massachusetts and Virginia, however the available offerings remained constrained in scope and disjointed for many years. For example, casual independently-run postal routes operated in Boston as early as 1639, with a Boston to NY city service commencing in 1672.

A relevant postal institution got here to the colonies in 1691, when Thomas Neale got a 21-12 months grant from the British Crown for a North American Postal provider. On February 17, 1691, a provide of letters patent from the joint sovereigns, William and Mary, empowered him:

“to erect, settle, and establish inside the manager elements of their majesties’ colonies and plantations in the united states, an place of work or places of work for receiving and dispatching letters and pacquets, and to acquire, send, and provide the identical below such charges and sums of money as the planters shall agree to offer, and to hold and benefit from the equal for the term of twenty-one years.”

The patent integrated the exclusive proper to establish and accumulate a proper postal tax on official documents of every kind. The tax used to be repealed a 12 months later. Neale appointed Andrew Hamilton, Governor of latest Jersey, as his deputy postmaster. The first postal service in the usa commenced in February 1692. Rates of postage had been constant and certified, and measures were taken to establish a publish place of business in every city in Virginia. Massachusetts and the other colonies soon passed postal laws, and an awfully imperfect publish office procedure used to be founded. Neale’s patent expired in 1710, when Parliament multiplied the English postal method to the colonies. The executive place of work used to be centered in New York city, where letters have been conveyed with the aid of typical packets across the Atlantic.

Earlier than the Revolution, there used to be handiest a trickle of industry or governmental correspondence between the colonies. Many of the mail went from side to side to counting houses and govt places of work in London. The Revolution made Philadelphia, the seat of the Continental Congress, the know-how hub of the brand new nation. News, new legal guidelines, political intelligence, and army orders circulated with a brand new urgency, and a postal procedure was once integral. Journalists took the lead, securing publish workplace laws that allowed them to arrive their subscribers at very low rate, and to trade news from newspapers between the thirteen states. Overthrowing the London-oriented imperial postal carrier in 1774-1775, printers enlisted retailers and the new political leadership, and created new postal procedure. The USA submit workplace (USPO) was once created on July 26, 1775, by means of decree of the 2nd Continental Congress. Benjamin Franklin headed it in brief.

Before the Revolution, individuals like Benjamin Franklin and William Goddard have been the colonial postmasters who managed the mails then and were the overall architects of a postal process that started off instead to the Crown submit.