Duties and features

Couriers are individual from normal mail services via features akin to speed, protection, monitoring, signature, specialization and individualization of categorical services, and swift delivery occasions, which might be optional for many everyday mail offerings. As a top rate provider, couriers are most likely extra high priced than common mail offerings, and their use is regularly confined to programs the place one or more of those aspects are considered fundamental enough to warrant the fee.

Courier services function on all scales, from within unique cities or cities, to regional, country wide and international services. Massive courier firms include DHL, OCS, FedEx, EMS worldwide, TNT, UPS, and Aramex. These present offerings international, most commonly by way of a hub and spoke mannequin.
In historic history, runners, homing pigeons and riders on horseback used to deliver well timed messages. Earlier than the introduction of mechanized courier offerings, foot messengers bodily ran miles to their destinations. As of 2016 there are marathons, headquartered on the historical Greek semi-historical narrative of Pheidippides, who is said to have been the runner bringing the news of the Greek victory over the Persians from Marathon to Athens in 490 BCE. Within the core ages, royal courts maintained their possess messengers who have been paid little more than common labourers.
In cities, there are most likely bicycle couriers or motorbike couriers but for consignments requiring delivery over higher distance networks, this may frequently include lorries, railways and plane.

Many businesses who operate below a simply-In-Time or “JIT” stock system as a rule use on-board couriers (OBCs). On-board couriers are individuals who can travel at a moment’s notice anywhere on the earth, in general by way of commercial airlines. Even as this type of provider is the 2d most expensive—basic aviation charters are a long way more expensive—corporations analyze the fee of provider to have interaction an on-board courier versus the “price” the company will understand will have to the product no longer arrive with the aid of a exact time (an assembly line stopping, untimely court filing, lost revenue from product or add-ons lacking a supply cut-off date, organ transplants).