All three major television networks


All three major television networks have written policies carefully circumscribing how and when a correspondent can become personally involved in a story. The NBC policy is 10 pages long and the ABC policy takes up about a page in its news standards manual.

The CBS policy, entitled “Personal Involvement in Story That Is Being Covered” is the shortest and most succinct. Dated April 14, 1976, it states:


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A courier employed by using the Rose regulation firm recounted Friday that he shredded documents belonging to past due White residence suggest Vincent Foster in January, some weeks earlier than the company obtained a broadly worded subpoena for files from Whitewater special counsel Robert B. Fiske Jr.


Clayton Lindsey, 19, of Little Rock, told The instances that both he and his roommate, Jeremy Hedges, additionally a courier on the law company, were told to wreck the papers. He declined to describe the contents of the documents but stated they might had been inner substances, as spokesmen for the firm have cautioned, instead of documents related to the Whitewater controversy.


Lindsey testified approximately the shredding to a federal grand jury on Feb. 16. His and Hedges’ testimony reputedly led Fiske to problem the subpoena to the regulation firm.


Attorneys on the firm, in which Foster practiced regulation earlier than January, 1993, along with now-First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and two modern administration officials, do now not deny that a few documents belonging to Foster had been shredded, but they have got maintained that they in no way destroyed any substances that might be pertinent to Fiske’s research.

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